Flexera: Transforming Tech Industry


Jim Ryan, CEO

“Flexera is always looking for new ways to grow and improve its products and is always looking for ways to help businesses understand the power of IT to revolutionize industries.”

As an organization grows toward digitalization, it is responsible for driving growth and generating a return on investment in technology. Flexera’s Technology Value Optimization (TVO) lets businesses get more out of every dollar spent on technology. The TVO solutions from Flexera One respond to the increasing demands on IT systems. Flexera provides SaaS-based IT management solutions that help businesses maximize the return on their IT expenditures.

Flexera delivers comprehensive visibility into complex hybrid ecosystems to help companies understand their IT, allowing them to make better-informed decisions. Flexera also assists in IT transformation by providing tools that enable IT, executives to access across all platforms, reallocate expenditure, minimize risk, and map the most efficient path to the cloud. “Keeping technology assets secure, well-governed, and cost-effective is a formidable challenge that can’t be overlooked,” says Jim Ryan, President, and CEO of Flexera. “No IT leader, or anyone in their organization, wants to feel vulnerable. But IT leaders can’t keep their IT estates safe and secure without full visibility into what they have. IT leaders need comprehensive, clear, and easily accessible insights into their technology to fuel data-driven decision-making. This process leads to better results across the entire organization.”


Flexera’s Implementation Service enables technical and operational implementation in the context of a company’s environment. This service, provided by experts with extensive experience in best-practice processes, guarantees that the Flexera system is implemented and configured quickly and reliably. Flexera has a lot of experience integrating technology in big companies throughout the world. They use a unique approach to establish clear success criteria up front, with governance supervision, and keep stakeholders informed and aligned on desired business objectives and consequences. This method incorporates agility to respond to unforeseen difficulties and seamless change management and course correction to keep the project on schedule. Many companies start the process of upgrading their IT system only to hit snags along the way. These issues might include a lack of insight into their technological environment, increased spending, and the inability to move while maintaining control. Flexera’s Global Consulting Services and its key partners offer various services that help businesses achieve their goals fast. Ryan adds, “Flexera One’s current capabilities as a platform are already highly compelling.”


The overall business result objectives are split into several prioritized short-term goals and KPIs by Flexera. These intend to demonstrate benefits early in the implementation process. Flexera examines risk and returns to determine the most significant expenditures for these short-term aims. This enables Flexera to identify possibilities that can be realized in the shortest amount of time, allowing a company to begin presenting results and impact early in the implementation process. Thus, it enables early success achieved and communicated while maintaining mission-critical operations and consistently attain long-term objectives. Flexera specialists will collaborate with the business and stakeholders to describe the challenges they are attempting to solve and set baseline metrics (such as current spend, growth rate, and so on) for assessing success. Flexera establishes critical milestones to measure progress and course-correct during the implementation by determining the targeted business goals with explicit, quantifiable, time-bound information, definition, and responsibilities. Ryan explains, “This strategic shift to subscription pricing will give our customers added flexibility and greater efficiency in purchasing, implementing, and scaling the IT management solutions that help their organizations drive technology value optimization.”

Carlsberg A/S has a long history of being devoted to its product. The firm believes in brewing for a better today and tomorrow as the creator of “perhaps the greatest beer in the world.” The multinational, founded in 1847 and headquartered in Denmark, sells its beers in more than 150 countries through export and license agreements. Customers like the beer, too: revenue for 2020 was over $9 billion. Previously, the brewing behemoth managed its IT infrastructure using a shoddy system that didn’t provide it the insight it needed across the entire estate. Carlsberg realized significant cost savings and increased productivity by moving to Flexera’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution and collaborating with SoftwareONE to administer its system.

Flexera is always looking for new ways to grow and improve its products and is always looking for ways to help businesses understand the power of IT to revolutionize industries.

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