FileCloud: The Hyper-Secure Content Collaboration

Ray Downes


“FileCloud is a hyper-secure, enterprise-grade, content collaboration platform that offers a powerful file sharing, sync, and backup solution for highly regulated organizations.”

Data Governance and protection are fundamental components of a secure cloud management system. Government regulations, compliance and enterprise information system needs to maintain records of the user activities for audit purposes. FileCloud’s intensive and detailed audit trail logs, connected devices inventory and access logs comes with all the information that can satisfy any data compliance needs. FileCloud satisfies all the global data governance compliance such as HIPAA, FINRA, FIPS 140-2 and EU Data policy. Increasing cyber threats make business data vulnerable to losses as well as data leakages. FileCloud data governance and protection policies allow administrators to strictly formulate policies to freeze digital content, prevent data from being deleted or updated. Software systems such as Security event and incident management (SIEM), e-discovery and REST API’s can integrate easily with the FileCloud cloud storage and provide additional device and data management functionality.

FileCloud is a hyper-secure content collaboration platform (CCP) that provides industry leading compliance, data governance, data leak protection, data retention and digital rights management capabilities. Workflow automation and granular control of content sharing across most enterprise platforms is fully integrated into the complete CCP stack. The platform offers powerful file sharing, sync, and mobile access capabilities on public, private, and hybrid clouds. FileCloud is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is used by millions of users around the world, including top Global 1000 enterprises, educational institutions, government organizations, and managed service providers. FileCloud is a hyper-secure, enterprise-grade, content collaboration platform that offers a powerful file sharing, sync, and backup solution for highly regulated organizations.

FileCloud is used by millions in government, banking and financial services, education, non-profit, legal, and manufacturing sectors around the world. With innovative and intuitive tools, FileCloud meets industry and government regulatory requirements for security. Many of these tools come standard with a FileCloud license, whereas other features can be specifically enabled by the admin to respond to an organization’s unique needs and existing infrastructure.

FileCloud offers protection against data loss and data leakages by providing the latest security infrastructure to cloud storage. FileCloud provides end to end encryption for uploading data, AES 256 bit encryption and SSL/TLS secure tunnel for data transfer. Additional security measures include two-factor authentication, antivirus scanning, and ransomware protection. FileCloud’s remote wipe or block feature can be used to completely delete user data in case the device gets lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized access to the user account.

Security, privacy, and data ownership are fundamental to FileCloud’s security architecture while preserving user-centered, ease of access. It starts with 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS protocols to secure data at rest and in transit. Active Directory and NTFS integration, two-factor authentication, and SSO (Single Sign-on) bring FileCloud into preexisting organizational infrastructure. Granular user and file-sharing permissions ensure users can collaborate on, share, and download files and folders as needed. Admins can set global policies or adjust permissions by user/group or file/folder.

Admins can rest assured knowing that certain security features are automatically built into the FileCloud platform while others can be updated as needed. These features include client application security policies, automatic anti-virus scanning of files upon upload, unlimited file versioning and file locking, custom metadata and content classification, endpoint device protection, comprehensive audit trails, and federated search capabilities. Admin-controlled remote device management protects data across servers and employee or client devices, with the option to block users or wipe data from a connected device.

Boosting Content Productivity
Content collaboration tools are designed to help businesses boost content productivity and work harmoniously online. They typically allow collaborative editing of documents, workflow capabilities, task management and content management. Content is accessible via desktop, web and mobile interfaces, and collaboration is borderless. A content collaboration platform is a comprehensive file sync and share solution offering features and options to manage business critical and sensitive data.

FileCloud is a comprehensive system for collaborating on files and documents in a simple, streamlined, speedy and secure manner. The typical content collaboration process is complicated and happens across one too many touchpoints. FileCloud, through its capabilities, add-ons and integrations, creates a structured, reliable system for collaborating with internal and external entities. Everyone has one system for working on content and are able to get more work done in less time.

Data compliance is an evolving standard for security, as new technology and threats develop. Requirements are updated, which makes compliance a moving target. A proper solution is responsive to the changing industry needs and regulatory landscape. As an enterprise-grade, file storage and sharing platform, FileCloud is committed to developing real solutions for security and compliance needs. This includes maintaining an evolving knowledge of requirements and the creation of innovative tools that address regulatory pain points.

Redefining Data Security
Data security and compliance are two overlapping yet distinct concepts. Security involves all the tools, protocols, hardware, and software that go into protecting data from unauthorized or malicious access. Data compliance indicates that minimum levels of security required by regulations have been met. Different regulations may set standards for one element of data (e.g., storage, sharing permissions, password requirements, etc.) or the entire platform (encryption, retention policies, admin capabilities, etc.).

Regulations leveraged by industries, countries, and global institutions ensure that organizations have sufficient infrastructure and protocols in place to protect sensitive data from loss, misuse, corruption, or theft. These protective standards are increasingly important as more data is generated and physical data is digitized. FileCloud’s innovative suite of features and security policies make it a powerful solution to answer compliance requirements across industries. These include FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and SEC requirements for the banking and financial services industry, HIPAA for healthcare and life sciences research, GDPR for retail, manufacturing, and customer service firms, ITAR for defense contractors and government departments, and CMMC for Information Technology service providers. FileCloud provides streamlined compliance support for HIPAA and GDPR, along with ITAR. These configurations connect FileCloud’s powerful policies and settings with compliance requirements to help organizations avoid heavy fines or penalties. An intuitive toggle system and dashboard make it easy for the FileCloud Compliance Center to be integrated into a global compliance strategy. IT admins and Compliance Officers can enable only the features they need, without creating redundant warnings for requirements already met outside the FileCloud environment.

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