Fidelis Security: Security Operations with Extended Threat Detection and Responses

Anup Ghosh


“Fidelis Cybersecurity, a pioneer in Active XDR Security, can help reclaim the company's digital advantage. Cybersecurity specialists from the Department of Defense, US Intel Communities, Managed Security Providers, and Fortune 500 organizations created and deployed the Fidelis platform.”

Cybersecurity dangers come in all shapes and sizes. Digital enemies might linger undiscovered for months while they target critical data or disrupt corporate operations if a firm doesn’t have total network visibility. Fidelis Security helps firms outmaneuver, outperform, and outfight cyber attackers to keep company operations and data safe. Fidelis achieve this by giving businesses total visibility into the cyber landscape and assisting them in deploying deception—integrated with detection and response—across endpoints, networks, and cloud apps and services. Fidelis changes the structure of the digital assault surface, making it more difficult and expensive for enemies to complete the goals. Fidelis Cybersecurity’s proactive cyber defense platforms span endpoints, networks, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments so you can detect, deceive, respond, and neutralize attacks before they impact businesses.

Fidelis Cybersecurity, a pioneer in Active XDR Security, can help reclaim the company’s digital advantage. Cybersecurity specialists from the Department of Defense, US Intel Communities, Managed Security Providers, and Fortune 500 organizations created and deployed the Fidelis platform. The solution also comes with real-time and retrospective analysis fueled by contextual data that is collected and grouped to de-risk infrastructure and accelerate response. Fidelis Cybersecurity currently protects private and public companies throughout the world against high-profile cyber breaches. In both the commercial and government sectors, the Fidelis Elevate platform has been trusted to discover, halt, and remediate some of the world’s most significant security threats. “Fidelis Cybersecurity is a pioneer within the cybersecurity industry. The company has laid the foundation for innovation and industry direction with a strong offering in extended detection & response (XDR) to find, fool, and vanquish adversaries before they can cause harm on our customers’ extended enterprise,” says Anup Ghosh, CEO of Fidelis Cybersecurity. “Joining this talented team of cybersecurity experts is a true honor, and, together, we will empower our customers to focus on the threats that matter with a product suite that extends from endpoints to cloud.”

Modern computer infrastructures are as dynamic as the security that guards them. With more skilled adversaries, new attack strategies, and constantly developing vulnerabilities, the threat landscape evolves even quicker than the environment. Fidelis Elevate is the first Active XDR (extended Detection and Response) platform explicitly designed to identify and eliminate threats quickly. It combines deception technologies with endpoint (EDR), network (NDR), and cloud detection and response. Thus, making it more straightforward for SOC analysts to swiftly identify and eliminate sophisticated cyber-attacks while reducing dwell durations that can lead to more severe harm. With complete situational awareness, a firm can get ahead of adversaries. Defenders can better safeguard their area by understanding the cyber landscape. Fidelis Elevate brings together cutting-edge technologies to deliver contextual visibility and dynamic cyber landscape mapping across managed and unmanaged endpoints, network traffic, and cloud assets and services. This enables security analysts to instantly detect and stop attacks, conduct a thorough examination of the environment to determine whether any systems have been hacked, and promptly restore damaged systems to regular business operations.

Increase the speed of decision-making and response with Fidelis Elevate that increases the accuracy and actionability of alerts and allows SOC teams to detect and respond to advanced threats at line speed by operating inside the adversary’s OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop. Fidelis allows users to identify and verify malware across the company actively. Fidelis Elevate XDR delivers comprehensive contextual analytics and visibility across the whole IT infrastructure. Users may redefine the cyber battlefield with deception technologies to engage and destroy adversaries early in the assault lifecycle. Threat intelligence and insights help users stay one step ahead of their enemies and avoid assaults in the future. Fidelis Elevate maintains metadata, allowing a simple query to go back in time to see if newly discovered attack operations successfully hacked systems. The security team may use historical metadata to monitor the attacker’s travels, determine what other systems were hacked, evict the attacker, and resume business operations.

A pharmaceutical company recently chose Fidelis Cybersecurity’s intelligent deception platform, Fidelis Deception. The platform won because it could provide both accurate malware detection—some of which went unnoticed by other solutions—and clear and easy-to-understand visibility of the company’s multiple communication channels. Thus, Fidelis is aiming for a better future with increased visibility and safety.

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