Ferret: Exclusive Relationship Intelligence

Robert Loughan

Co-Founder and CEO

“Ferret's unrivaled AI software, paired with world-class data, gives a special relationship intelligence that may help an organization avoid high-risk people and identify lucrative prospects.”

Due diligence is not something that search engines and social media platforms are meant for. Ferret’s unrivaled AI software, paired with world-class data, gives a special relationship intelligence that may help an organization avoid high-risk people and identify lucrative prospects. Ferret is an AI platform built from the bottom up to provide real-time, impartial intelligence to help organizations and people identify dangers and seize opportunities.

Ferret distributes information — long solely available to the financial industry — to all sorts of professionals, from angel investors to company executives, using cutting-edge AI and hundreds of thousands of worldwide data sources, making openness to the new standard. One should know who they’re working with, which is why having all of the due diligence in one app can help an organization develop stronger partnerships. Ferret is based in the Los Angeles region, with offices in Calabasas and Santa Monica, California, and Melbourne, Australia. It was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Rob Loughan and scientist Al MacDonald. Ferret thinks that everyone, from cubicle dwellers to boardroom executives, should be able to make more confident business judgments and know who they’re working with. Ferret wants to enhance the way people engage with relationship information at their fingertips, so trust doesn’t have to be earned and can be assumed.

In addition, With always-on monitoring, businesses can rest assured that they’ll get notified if someone the team is doing business with, or potentially doing business with – is up to no good. In fact, every business deserve to know if its financial connections are trustworthy. Ferret sends notifications to help stay in-the-know. The Ferret app connects to a phone, and email contact lists. It automatically checks new contacts and constantly monitors professional and personal social networks. With a clear and simple interface, users can open the app and immediately investigate.

Ferret’s sophisticated AI gives people unparalleled access to priceless risk-related data, which they’re converting into open intelligence for everyone to benefit from. There will be no more gatekeepers, and there will be no more exclusivity; instead, there will be more inclusion. Ferret is a relationship intelligence platform, not a search engine. By continually monitoring 100,000+ data sources for relevant records about a user’s most significant relationships, Ferret creates machine-generated, user-validated intelligence, offering them the impartial information they want, in the way they need, for the peace of mind they deserve. Ferret’s AI filters out user-generated information in favor of official databases, reputable news sources, and government documents, providing organizations with the objective data they need to decide who to trust. This program uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics to run a global scan of tens of thousands of sources in numerous languages, including exclusive data from risk-relevant databases that people won’t discover on Google.

Ferret then uses different contact lists and social media invitations to continually monitor the network for danger and opportunity, informing the user when news or data related to the network becomes available. Ferret uses Machine Learning to continually learn from users to find fresh information and eliminate false positives. It all comes down to blending Social Proximity with Material Impact. This is known as Relationship Intelligence, and it provides firms and people with the knowledge they need to make trusting decisions. The program makes no judgments; it merely gives users a 360-degree verification tool. Ferret’s programming contains a unique database for anti-money laundering, risk management, and “know-your-customer” services that were previously only available to over 8,000 financial institutions. This information is available to all Ferret users.

Ferret’s search also contains news from the past and present, company ownership histories, aliases, documents and leaks, judicial records, and unlawful activities. It also features machine-generated user content vetting, unlike other networks. And each validation adds to the AI’s learning curve. The program, which is now in closed beta, is meant to be the first line of defense against the dangers that lie in the contacts. Ferret can help to discover hazards and prevent issues from occurring by providing people and organizations with the knowledge they need and putting a light on the dark places. Ferret’s CEO and co-founder, Robert Loughan, is confident in his team’s capacity to create Ferret a legitimate and bias-free site, but he expects criticism, potentially even lawsuits. Robert Loughan concludes that “I want to be seen as someone who’s trying to make the world a better place, not trying to point fingers at people and say they’re bad, because we don’t do that,” Loughan said. “We just show the data that’s publicly available, and then you come to your own conclusion about the person.”

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