Envista Forensics: Adept Consulting and Engineering Solutions

Christina Lucas


“Today's world revolves around technology, which is at the core of everything Envista does.”

When natural disasters or other calamities strike, swift claim processing and precise expert evaluations may help owners and insurers not only recover but also rebuild and fortify themselves for the years to come. Over the past 15 years, the committed specialists and engineers at Envista have worked on tens of thousands of catastrophic (CAT) losses. When addressing these complicated claims, Envista’s professionals are prepared to act swiftly in the event of a tragedy and adhere to the established protocol to guarantee safety and effectiveness. Envista Forensics addresses the expanding need for a worldwide, multi-disciplinary, and highly qualified forensic consulting and engineering partner for insurance claims and legal experts. The industry leader in complete forensic consulting and engineering services is Envista Forensics. Their company's brand is derived from their investigative prowess and communicates their extensive skills as a multi-national, highly qualified forensic engineering partner for insurance claims and legal experts.

The Envista team is made up of close to 600 specialists dispersed among 30 locations in seven different nations. Through years of experience, thought leadership, and unmatched knowledge, their team is dedicated to providing the finest service possible. Envista Forensics is the top-notch company it is now thanks to the individuals who are their dependable advisors. When their clients need them the most, they are there to be the face of assurance. No matter the magnitude or location of the loss, Envista's worldwide presence enables the experts and engineers to work together with some of the best brains in the field from all backgrounds and specialties to satisfy the demands of Envusta’s clients. Customers rely on Envista’s consultants, engineers, and specialists to provide multidisciplinary analysis, investigation, and knowledge in the wake of any event or tragedy. From the most frequent routine requests, which call for quick or local assistance, to complex losses, which demand multidisciplinary management and experience, to rarer and more unusual cases, which call for a highly specialized, niche industry expert—their passion lies in the science behind the why, and they enjoy educating the clients about it. In her new role with Envista, Christina Lucas, the president of Envista, remarks, "There is immense opportunity ahead for Envista Forensics." "The company has a rich history and a strong foundation, and I'm excited at the chance to apply my industry experience and expertise to work with our talented global team as we build an even stronger business for our customers and team members worldwide."

Uncertainty and other difficulties are characteristics of disputes and litigation. Fortunately, when they receive timely, precise, and trustworthy information, legal experts can assist their clients in managing ambiguity. Envista has assisted countless individuals involved in civil and criminal litigation, as well as internal counsel in finding timely resolutions to the numerous technical questions at the heart of a disagreement. Forensic professionals at Envista actively seek to comprehend, concentrate on, and evaluate the fast-changing dangers that their clients must deal with in the aftermath of an occurrence. Envista is aware that the job they do requires a prompt, attentive, and technical approach in addition to the requirement for assistance, guidance, and constant communication. They put effort into not just employing the finest in the business but also investing in their further development since they seek to know any need that may emerge and to teach and educate whenever and wherever Envista can. Envista provides its professionals with the latest technology and keeps them informed of new developments that can provide clients with innovative solutions to challenging technical problems. Today's world revolves around technology, which is at the core of everything Envista does. To provide solutions to their clients that are beyond a doubt, their engineers work in cutting-edge labs using technologies like AI, UAVs, 3D imaging, and more.

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