Enso Security: Bring Flexibility and Scalability to AppSec Program to End AppSec Chaos

Roy Erlich

Co-Founder & CEO

"Enso is the first Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) tool, assisting security teams throughout the world in discovering, classifying, and managing applications."

AppSec has plagued security teams for far too long, causing confusion, delays, and massive data collection, leaving little room for true application security. The Enso team has decided to go where no one has gone before, committing their combined 30 years of experience to reducing the chaos with a single application security posture management interface for ultimate orchestration and control. Enso was developed by application security experts for application security experts. Their platform is built to allow the AppSec team to fully utilize their own unique abilities, methodology, and understanding of the mission scope. Enso recognizes how much more can be achieved by reducing tactical labor and enhancing visibility. This is why they combine data to remove roadblocks in locating and tracking it and integrate it with native collaboration platforms to simplify and optimize manual effort.

With Enso Security, cybersecurity experts can now view and control all of the apps in their environments. "It’s no secret that, today, the diversity of R&D allows [companies] to rapidly introduce new applications and push changes to existing ones," states Roy Erlich, CEO and co-founder of Enso. "But this great complexity for application security teams results in significant AppSec management challenges. These challenges include the difficulty of tracking applications across environments, measuring risks, prioritizing tasks, and enforcing uniform application security strategies across all applications, "Erlich extols. Most AppSec teams today, according to the Enso team, spend the majority of their time building connections with developers and doing operational and product-related activities, rather than on application security. "Having said that, it’s all about managing the risk. You need to make sure that you make data-driven decisions and that you have all the data that you need in one place, "Erlich adds.

Enso is the first Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) tool, assisting security teams throughout the world in discovering, classifying, and managing applications. Enso was created by application security specialists to produce an actionable, unified inventory of all application assets, their owners, security posture, and associated risk in business contexts. Any AppSec team may use Enso security to create a streamlined, agile, and scalable application security program. Enso Security intends to provide appsec teams with a platform that allows them to find apps, identify owners, detect changes, and record their security posture through a single pane of glass. Teams may then prioritize and track their work, as well as receive real-time feedback on what is happening across all of their tools. JIRA, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, Splunk, ServiceNow, and the Envoy edge and service proxy are among the technologies that the company's solutions now draw data from. However, according to the researchers, even obtaining data from a few sources brings benefits to Enso's consumers. Enso was made by application security professionals for application security professionals. The platform is designed to let AppSec team bring their own unique skills, approach and knowledge of their mission scope into full effect.

The alarming effect of recent attacks which severely impacted software integrity, combined with the significant challenge of securing global package management ecosystems, will drive and accelerate industry development and adoption of additional control to secure software from similar breaches. This maturation process is imperative, but in light of its complexity and the sophisticated tools required to manage the risk innate in the use of third-party software components, there is still a way to go. Using Enso's Application Security Posture Management platform, security teams can now receive total visibility and coordinate the tools, people, and processes involved in application development without interfering with development. Enso's ASPM methodology is in line with contemporary maturity-based norms and intuitives. It implies that a team should approach the problem methodically, spending time learning about the security baseline and selecting the greatest possibilities to make significant improvement. ASPM allows users to identify the most valuable assets and stay focused on safeguarding them. It determines which actions are the most successful, allowing users to adjust their approach, optimize resource use, and expand the application security program's coverage. Furthermore, with an ASPM, security teams may automate gap evaluations and clearly reflect them to various groups of stakeholders, encouraging the organization's pull-left strategy. In the coming years, the team intends to continue enhancing its product and expand its workforce from its current size.

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