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Digital Edge

Michael Petrov


CyberRegulator platform has a unique appetite for embracing new laws to the community.

While most of the services industry has made significant strides in the use of technology solutions, many have not adequately addressed regulatory issues and expectations. The distancing was further increased by a dogma of excluding compliance from the core business, mainly IT-related considerations. The result is a huge dearth of regulatory standards and compliances that failed to support the IT decisions. For example, public cloud adoption makes the situation even worse. Amidst all this, the day-to-day compliance programs – which need to be deeply integrated – are somewhat in denial and falling short in their operations. Headquartered in New York City, Digital Edge combines cyber & legal experts to help companies establish compliance programs that are integrated into day-to-day life. 

With a proven track record of more than two decades, Digital Edge has been providing unparalleled Enterprise IT services including managed cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and business continuity and disaster recovery. Digital Edge’s platform CyberRegulator is designed to constantly evolve with the implementation of different compliance frameworks. With the support of Digital Edge, their clients confidently support frameworks and standards such as NIST, ISO, HITRUST, SSAE18 SOC2, PCI, OSPAR. “We have a unique vision of handling risks, dynamically adjusting the likelihood and mitigation effectiveness. Our linkage of risks and incidents provides a strong incident management system. We also have a mature review and audit functionality,” explains Michael Petrov, Founder & CEO, Digital Edge Ventures.

Digital Edge has left no stones unturned in making compliance a no-brainer by factoring in every aspect of ease and seamlessness. “The CyberRegulator platform has a unique ability to integrate new laws to the community. Our lawyers review those laws and after approval, the laws get distributed to all clients. Then a client can decide if the law applies to them or not. “Our lawyers extract the most important implementational requirements, as well as requirements for notification and breach handling,” points out Michael. Also, Digital Edge has a strategic, operational, and tactical vision on handling information security and privacy. The company ensures what’s right by drawing upon the latest industry standards. “We assure our clients that we are not simply selecting the “best vendors”, we help our clients select the appropriate standards and implement those standards, ensuring continuous improvements and maturities.”

An instance that highlights Digital Edge’s value proposition is when they assisted Euro Cargo in facing the validation from Homeland Security. Together with Digital Edge, Euro Cargo Express set up processes and procedures for paperless customs processing. Digital Edge conducted all the IT work based on the ISO-27001 standard in conjunction with full compliance with US laws and regulations. This allowed Euro Cargo Express to comply with all cybersecurity requirements as well as the DHS and US Customs requirements. Looking ahead, Digital Edge foresees a world wherein cybersecurity and privacy will put more and more regulations on the IT industry and on company operations. It will put pressure on the SMB market, similar to that of the enterprise market.  However, small & medium sized businesses are not equipped or staffed to follow GRC requirements. This can be done seamlessly through an outsourced cybersecurity and privacy model or part-time CISO/DPO roles. But Michael also identifies a challenge in today’s providers as they are mostly product/vendor centric. “We at Digital Edge want to commoditize cybersecurity and privacy operation based on well-known industry standards,” concludes Michael.

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