CySource: Delivering Challenge-Based Cybersecurity Education

Amir Bar-El


Shai Alfasi


“We have a front-row seat facing the most advanced attackers evading detection and technologies to breach organizations and we use that information to make our customers more secure”

Israel is one of the top cyber-attacked countries around the globe. So, every organization and especially banks need the highest security level and truly advocate security solutions to tackle these challenges. This is where CySource comes into the picture with its Continuous Automated Skills Patch (CASP) platform, which is a single platform for the entire workforce training programs with advanced analytics, validation, and enforcement. The company’s cutting-edge platform delivers automated skills patches to all the layers of the organization's workforce. Whereas, the CySource’s SaaS technology is deployed in leading firms & HLS worldwide delivering capacity building, challenge-based cybersecurity education, and training developed by experts and powered by interactive AI. As a result, the company helps to eliminate the main reason for cyber security incidents - the human error factor. “We continuously assess the skills that organizations have in comparison to what is needed in the local and global threat landscape. Then, we provide the visibility periodically, and automatically attach our cloud training system exactly based on the evolving incident response,” begins Amir Bar-El, CEO, CySource.

The company was founded by Israeli cybersecurity experts with years of experience and passion in establishing advanced technology-based cyber academies for Governments, HLS & Universities worldwide. Today, CySource is also a pioneer in enabling businesses to better utilize products such as IBM Q and to get better visibility into infrastructure attacks while creating threat hunting activities. The company’s core focus is on skill assessment and training with a professional service and research team comprised of high-end individuals.

As part of the security analysis process, the team initially gather intelligence about the organization beforehand. This includes acquiring employee names and digital assets that are exposed to the world, relevant threats, intelligence and so on. Then, the team starts to structure it into possible attack vectors that can be launched either from externally, to the organization or internally, through even infiltrating physical defense mechanisms. “We gather all this information and see if an organized Hacking Team will try to attack and the organization’s ability to survive such an attack. It's quite a complex project, but we love doing it. We have done this for some of the world's biggest companies, including the stock trade companies, banking, and large gaming companies,” says Shai Alfasi, CTO, CySource.

What makes CySource stand out is its Cyber Workforce Development Platform (CWD) platform which provides a single platform for the entire organization's training programs with advanced analytics. In addition to solutions, the CySource platform provides automated and continuous cyber education and training based on the latest research. In fact, CySource has frontline Israeli military-grade experience in combating cyber-attacks and responds to cyber incidents daily. “We have a front-row seat facing the most advanced attackers evading detection and technologies to breach organizations and we use that information to make our customers more secure,” adds Bar-El.

Since opening its doors, CySource has been delivering outstanding solutions and services to its huge clientele across a variety of industries. The company is training the Brazilian Army to build a cyber capacity of 1000 soldiers and to equip them with the most relevant and up-to-date cyber skills to defend the country. “It's one of our biggest and most interesting projects. We recreate for the military and offer complete visibility to the manpower. As a result, they can identify the highest potential among those 1000 soldiers, and structure them into team leaders, to the best technicians. We are able to give them prediction capabilities to the future of building their capacity,” explains Alfasi.

Today, CySource aspire to be the standard for skills mapping in every organization worldwide. This way, each organization will be able to understand and align themselves with what is totally required for me as an organization to have in terms of cyber security. “We envision creating an anonymous knowledge share of skill level with a global community. This will allow to even out the playing field for all players. Today, many organizations are suffering from isometric cyber warfare, meaning that a hacker and malicious hackers can attack an organization from across the world. Our vision is to create visibility to organizations worldwide for where the organization should be in the security perspective to cope with today's threats,” concludes Bar-El.

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