Condignum: Information Security. But simple.

Simon Leitner

Founder and Managing Director

“We help companies of all sizes to minimize the time spent on security tasks, assess them at a central platform and continuously make them more secure.”

As cloud solutions become more frequently used for strategic and mission-critical business applications, security tops the list. The offer of “old school solutions” and spreadsheets is not enough, because they reach their limits and will not make businesses safer in the long run.

This is where condignum – an Austrian cyber security company with the ambition to make the digital world a safer place – steps in. For ensuring companies of all sizes having the tools they need to appropriately manage their cyber security lifecycle and steer clear of risks they built up a SaaS platform for delivering ultimate speed up for security business operations. Enterprises can identify threats, reduce risk proactively and take actions before they can be exploited.

“Due to the modularization of our platform, every customer of each size and each vertical can use our platform and gets his specific security-gain” begins Simon Leitner Founder and Managing Director, condignum.

With its advanced cutting-edge solutions, condignum enables businesses to centrally address requirements and get their specific security backlog with the right prioritization for an ideal resource utilization. Condignum enables companies to save time by using one security management platform while allowing them to proactively address threats and security risks before they can be exploited and cause damage. Based on the company’s insights that customers need a tool that is flexible and that they can start with some simple use cases and add additional modules, condignum has the right solution.

When it comes to modules, they start with the core, requirements management, have solutions for threat modelling, vendor management and vulnerability management in one central place. “Businesses can do every operation from threat assessment to management, on their own, without external resources. That’s the USP of our platform,” adds Martin Niederwieser, Founder and Managing Director.

In addition to the software, the company also offers content packs that include different information such as security best practices, hardening guides and risk catalogs that are useful for ensuring state of the art security with the lifecycle. “When it comes to the content our strength is that our dedicated R&D team consists mostly out of Principal Analysts and in combination with our “spearhead” the consulting team, we are on the cutting edge of customer-centric needs and pains of multiple verticals adds Leitner.

The solution’s Dashboard with User-centric Widgets where you see your open tasks and your growing security posture are some of the key features that make it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, it is made available for every vertical, budget, and timeframe. Condignum is capable of seamlessly integrating its solutions into the existing customer it-landscape. Condignum brings in the right combination of several target groups, available plugins for security tools and services for seamless integration of the solution into the existing customer IT landscape, and simple distribution & management of security tasks.

An instance that highlights the company’s value proposition is when they assisted a critical infrastructure provider located in DACH. The company had a lot of effort with managing their suppliers in terms of compliance. Condignum’s platform enabled them to get an appropriate overview of their whole supply chain and no need for more time-consuming audits. Finally, they safe a lot of time and become safer without additional effort.

While in the early beginning, condignum was more into modules, focusing on the European customer sides. In the coming years, the company plans to cover the whole lifecycle which a customer needs in the perspective of security management. “One area that we focus to improve and develop further during the next year, is to give our users the possibility to automatically verify and correct different technical controls, for saving even more time” concludes Leitner.

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