Bugcrowd: Continuous Resilience, Delivered

Ashish Gupta

President and CEO

“Bugcrowd has brought together seven years of program and crowd intelligence to refine the crowdsourced security paradigm and provide the groundwork for future solution extensions to suit the needs of today and tomorrow.”

Today’s malicious hackers will never stop. To reduce risk, a company must detect and fix vulnerabilities quickly and continuously before they can be exploited by others. Resilience is achieved with Bugcrowd. Their all-in-one Bugcrowd Platform, which is built on SaaS, combines crowdsourcing, quick triage, and data-driven insights into a variety of security use cases, ensuring the security and resilience of all the digital assets throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The Bugcrowd Platform relieves the strain on overworked security teams by allowing a firm to reduce risk faster and more thoroughly with less effort. It’s the first of its type, combining machine learning-driven crowd matching, contextual insights, automated security protocols, and quick triage to help attain the market faster.

Bugcrowd is trusted by more corporate organizations to manage pen testing, bug bounty, vulnerability disclosure, and attack surface management programs. By combining the biggest, most experienced triage staff with the most trusted hackers across the world, Bugcrowd provides better results, minimizes risk, and helps enterprises ship safe products to market quicker with no hidden costs. Bugcrowd is supported by Blackbird Ventures, Costanoa Ventures, Industry Ventures, Paladin Capital Group, Rally Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Triangle Peak Partners, and is headquartered in San Francisco. 

The latest approach to security testing services is Bugcrowd Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS). It simplifies pen testing for an ever-changing, complex, and always-on threat world. Bugcrowd’s Attack Surface Management is the first of its type, combining the inventiveness and effect of trusted attack-minded defenders with the effort and size of attackers for the most organic evaluation of genuine risk conceivable. Hundreds of managed vulnerability disclosure programs are managed by Bugcrowd, which escalates high-priority concerns within hours and completes triage in one business day on average. To uncover and patch more serious vulnerabilities, their fully managed Bug Bounty programs combine analytics, automated security procedures, and human knowledge. Bugcrowd Bug Bashes are one-to two-day live hacking events that bring the team together with the world’s finest white-hat hackers in a fun, engaging, and instructive atmosphere to speed the discovery of important vulnerabilities.

To completely safeguard the company and its consumers, it is essential to identify the vulnerabilities in the attack surface. For more insightful and effective penetration testing, vulnerability disclosure programs, bug bounty programs, and attack surface management testing, the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform orchestrates data, technology, and human intelligence. With these solutions, a company may continually identify hidden threats throughout the increasing attack surface by tapping into a worldwide security community, which Bugcrowd terms the “Crowd.” Years of program and hacker data are combined by CrowdMatch technology to assist in automatically matching the optimal team for each customer’s unique interaction. Automatic tagging is a vital component of manual reviews, facilitating effective vetting and matching operations at scale with hundreds of thousands of active hackers. “The Bugcrowd team is excited to introduce our crowdsourced security solutions into the AWS Marketplace to help organizations quickly find and fix vulnerabilities to protect their business operations,” says Ashish Gupta, Chief Executive Officer and President of Bugcrowd. “Bugcrowd leverages cutting-edge researchers and powerful machine learning to offer a platform that provides contextual insights, built-in workflows, and seamless DevOps integration so customers can uncover, prioritize, and resolve security vulnerabilities.”

ActiveCampaign is a SaaS marketing technology (MarTech) platform that lets companies communicate with their consumers in meaningful ways. ActiveCampaign empowers sales, marketing, and client success teams to build tailored workflows and experiences that drive customer adoption and growth with solutions built to support the whole engagement lifecycle. However, ActiveCampaign understands that to assist businesses in gaining client trust, they must first acquire their own. That’s why they’ve picked Bugcrowd, the most trusted MarTech platform on the market today, to help them in their mission to create customer trust. ActiveCampaign follows SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA as among the security requirements that ActiveCampaign follows, but they needed more from their pen testing efforts. To safeguard the security of their consumer data, ActiveCampaign chose Bugcrowd’s fully managed Next Gen Pen Test solution.

Bugcrowd has brought together seven years of program and crowd intelligence to refine the crowdsourced security paradigm and provide the groundwork for future solution extensions to suit the needs of today and tomorrow. As a result, they are the most popular crowdsourced security platform to work with.

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