Blumira: Disrupting the SaaS Security


Steve Fuller

“Businesses of all sizes are facing ever-increasing and constantly evolving cybersecurity threats and challenges with fewer resources, time and talent to address them”

Software as a Service(SaaS) is definitely a boon for business globally and the advantages it brings along is beyond comparison. As more and more companies are befriending the cloud and uploading their data onto it, the possibility of a security breach becomes imminent. There aroused the need for a strong security service to safeguard your data on the cloud. SaaS security can be thought of as an extension of well-known software as-a-service (SaaS) deployment models but applied specifically to cyber security products and services. This is where Blumira comes in. Blumira is a leading cybersecurity provider of automated threat detection and response technology. Blumira’s detection and response platform enable agile resolution of threats to help businesses stop ransomware attacks and prevent data breaches. Blumira’s team aims to constantly help organizations improve the overall security coverage, providing ongoing expertise as a trusted security advisor.

Founded in 2018 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Blumira’s cloud Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) helps mid-market organizations, usually with little security resources or expertise, to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in near real-time. The all-in-one solution is swift to deploy, easy to implement and integrates broadly across on-premises and cloud services. Blumira was recognized by G2 as a top cloud SIEM provider and placed in 20 categories including ‘Best Return on Investment (ROI),’ ‘Fastest Implementation,’ and ‘Easiest to Use’ in the G2 Spring 2021 Grid Reports. Blumira’s cloud-delivered platform is designed to enable small and medium-sized businesses with detection and response capabilities previously only available to large enterprises. It provides a higher return on your investment at about half the lower total cost of ownership — support included, no data caps, and a predictable pricing model.

Having a firewall won’t be enough to protect your business on the cloud. It doesn’t mean that firewalls aren’t a worthwhile investment; they are a critical part of any security tech stack. However, to protect a business more efficiently, it’s important to be aware of the ways a hacker could bypass a firewall. A firewall observes incoming and outgoing network data, and either allows or denies that data to reach its destination depending on the configured rules. Firewalls are considered an example of perimeter security because they are often the first line of defence in a network. With Blumira’s cloud detection and response platform, security teams can get up and running faster than any other security solution — using the existing team and infrastructure. The platform enables comprehensive security coverage in hours for an entire IT environment to rapidly detect and stop attacks.

A whole category of attacks operates at the application level that a network firewall just won’t be able to catch. One of those attacks is SQL injection, which exploits a vulnerability in an application’s software and then uses malicious SQL code to access information. In such cases, the firewall alone may not be sufficient to protect a business. Effective cybersecurity demands a layered approach these days, firewall being one among those layers.

In August 2021, Blumira was selected by Ignite Security, a security services provider that helps organizations design custom-tailored security solutions that strengthen cyber resilience to help customers streamline and simplify security operations. “Businesses of all sizes are facing ever-increasing and constantly evolving cybersecurity threats and challenges with fewer resources, time and talent to address them. Ignite Security shares our vision to help organizations increase visibility and to establish strong security foundations. We are proud to be empowering others to strengthen their cyber resilience through this partnership.”

The deep knowledge and expertise of the Blumira team extend to two decades of working in IT security services. They have developed a proactive threat disruption solution that is unparalleled to any other cybersecurity solution available on the market. Blumira has spent more than 20 years defending networks that have gained extensive experience in ethical hacking to help organizations really understand how attackers think, and how to identify potential threats.

The cloud frees the organizations from the hardware costs, tiring implementation process and inconsistency across multiple locations. But being on the cloud calls for extra vigilance and security. Blumira understands what the market needs and is on a journey of constant evolution in the cybersecurity sector.

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