Black Rainbow: Streamlining Investigations and Facilitating Digital Forensics

Dr. James Kent

Co-Founder and CEO

“Through NIMBUS' scalable and adaptive framework, it can support multi-discipline teams and their investigation use cases, including fraud, theft of intellectual property, anti-piracy, or criminal offenses such as drugs, murders, crimes against children”

Investigative case management is a sequence of processes to keep track of investigations and coordinate multiple agents and support personnel involved in the affair. Even though the system is of massive help to investigative organizations, this area was vastly underfunded and underserved in terms of user requirements, product development, and innovation for many years. Engaging multiple siloed systems to manage cases, evidence, tasking, assets, quality, and reporting and the lack of real-time case information invited inefficiencies in almost every stage of the investigation process. Black Rainbow, identified the market gap and developed NIMBUS, an integrated case investigation, evidence, and quality management system to service the market.

NIMBUS offers investigations much-needed anonymity by eliminating the need for multiple software subscriptions. With NIMBUS, data can be searched, reported, and exported. The platform has custom dashboards that reflect statistical data trends in real time. Also, by automatically populating case information into statements and reports, the platform ended the need for double-key entry, significantly minimizing the error window. As the platform is user-configurable and highly flexible to meet varied investigation needs, it comes in handy in today's fast-paced crime situations.

NIMBUS also has a customizable forensic case submission portal, which is a two-way digital mobile submission management and production system for compiling, publishing, importing, and reviewing forensic case submissions. Users can remotely submit forensic requests,add case information, such as evidence, notes, and scene information online or offline. NIMBUS allows users to track evidence throughout the investigation cycle till the end of investigation disclosure. Every minute detail, including the date and time the evidence was collected, from whom it was collected, and the path it followed once it got entered into the system, is being recorded to ensure a defensible and auditable chain of custody.

The inbuilt disclosure process records every piece of information that comes its way in a streamlined manner to ensure an adequate audit trail. All these traits make NIMBUS a primary driver of risk management and productivity booster throughout the customers’ organization. Also, the platform’s system architecture has a highly pliable integration framework that seamlessly integrates and automates with compatible technologies.

“NIMBUS has been adopted by organizations across a multitude of industries, all to solve the common problem of effectively managing, recording, and reporting on investigations. Through NIMBUS' scalable and adaptive framework, it can support multi-discipline teams and their investigation use cases, including fraud, theft of intellectual property, anti-piracy, or criminal offenses such as drugs, murders, crimes against children,” says Dr. James Kent, Co-Founder, and CEO, Black Rainbow.

Furthermore, the NIMBUS platform enables users to digitize the investigation processes and considerably reduce the investigation lifecycle through innovative features and agile methodology. Also, integrating the existing investigations with the NIMBUS workflows doesn’t incur separate development or professional service costs.

Black Rainbow has been assisting multiple organizations across various industry verticals to streamline their case management systems. An instance that highlights the company’s value proposition is when it helped a law enforcement firm in the UK to overcome some of the crucial bottlenecks in its management journey. The agency needed help to build a reliable evidence-tracking system through the range of critical processes used in the Cyber Crime Unit. They were also struggling with the ISO 17025 issues. They approached Black Rainbow to eliminate these bottlenecks in their process management. The team automated evidence collection and movement workflow by integrating existing processes with the NIMBUS case management and quality management modules. By activating the peer review functionality, which automatically staff member competencies to monitor the quality of work done transparently.

Another roadblock that came Black Rainbow’s way is the inability to quickly extract information and business intelligence from existing repositories. Black Rainbow solved this impending challenge by offering enhanced management reporting capabilities and complimentary notification workflows through NIMBUS. The team built complex workflows and automated third-party tools, including data extraction, evidence review, and processing.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Ireland, Black Rainbow is determined to advance exponentially to meet the market evolution. The company was established with the sole strategic intent of bringing a modern, intuitive and innovative solution to the market to reduce the investigation lifecycle. Black Rainbow, as a team, is in the quest of helping its customers make a difference by upgrading NIMBUS to meet the growing market needs.

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