BIOMETRIC SIGNATURE ID: Identity Authentication Redefined!

Jeff Maynard

Founder & CEO

“Your unique writing pattern prevents impostors from a successful login and sharing of passwords to stop fraud and cheating”

The password is not dead it just needs a biometric tune-up! Here is what the pioneers did.

We created the World’s first Biometric Password you Write

It is well known that 100 percent of typed passwords are hackable no matter their complexity, exposing systems and data to criminals.  Weak passwords are typed, BUT secure passwords are Written. The simple change from typing to “writing” a password is guaranteed to be indigestible to hackers. 

Knowing this, Biometric Signature ID created a patented software only biometric technology called BioSig-ID.  BioSig-ID blends amazing biometric technology with the password format users are comfortable with.  This breakthrough technology requires no special hardware or software downloads.  It seamlessly authenticates users with a four-character written password, using just a finger or mouse on any device to secure the content in your device and web apps. The software automatically prevents others from accessing workstations or cloud-based applications.  BioSig-ID is multi-factor authentication all in one product that does not require you to use your personal phone as one of the factors.  

“BioSig-ID can be used on any device using HTML. Using just a finger or mouse, your unique writing pattern eliminates impostor login and sharing of passwords that prevents fraud and cheating. 98% of first-time users have a positive experience while 48% find it entertaining to use” states Jeff Maynard, Founder & CEO, Biometric Signature ID.

From the increasing number of fraud and cheating to identity theft from accessing accounts and devices, hacking threats are always changing. Ransomware from phishing attempts and remote desktop protocol that leads to un-authorized access and fraud are also increasing dramatically. About 81% of such threats are clearly due to weak passwords. This is where Biometric Signature ID is creating a difference.

Additionally, Biometric Signature ID has developed more security products designed specifically for various use cases. In our solutions “We do not use face recognition which has become toxic and creates identity errors in up to 35% of people especially those of color. With our advanced solution, we only collect a behavior, and this is easier to use and is one of the least invasive approaches to delivering true identity authentication,” says Maynard. 

Seamless Integration

Biometric Signature ID’s suite of products can stand alone or integrate seamlessly to meet any identity authentication challenge, no matter how unique. They complement existing SSO, can be inserted at any workflow point, and integrate with major protocols. Initially users complete a one -time enrollment of their distinct gestures and attributes such as angle, speed, length, and order to create a template. Future logins are compared to this template, and only the rightful users are given access. Over time, the software keeps learning to maintain an accuracy rate that is 300% beyond NIST biometric standards. It also provides an MFA solution deployed at any layer to gate access to any Windows workstations, content, or web accounts. In addition, a suite of forensic and reporting tools provides real-time warning of potential data crimes in progress. “Our gesture biometric BioSig-ID is revolutionary. It is the only biometric that can be revoked and reset like a regular password. This offers higher security and privacy than collecting and storing physical characteristics like other biometrics, ID cards, or tokens.”

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Biometric Signature ID has been a leading developer of biometric ID verification software solutions using multi-factor authentication (MFA). The company was founded by Jeff and Cindy Maynard. Jeff envisioned this identity solution years before the technology even existed to support it. Eventually, he was able to realize his vision to reinvent the password. Jeff Maynard is CEO of Biometric Signature ID and Cindy Maynard is Chief Marketing Officer. The company has been awarded two patents from the US Patent Trademark Office for its revolutionary innovation. BSI has developed additional security products built on BioSig-ID technology: BioTect-ID to lock down devices, BioProof-ID to verify real-world identity and BioSight-ID for privacy sparing exam monitoring.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Biometric Signature ID has achieved a 98% positive user experience, over 60M authentications from 95 countries in the world, with less than 1% help desk calls when used as a password. Because of the simple design of writing a password and intuitiveness BSI created a web-based spoof contest. For over 10 years over 24K users/hackers from across the world have tried to re-produce the password “Mom” shown on our web site. None have been successful in winning the $500.00! The company offers forensic data mining and behaviors to catch fraudsters in “real” time while offering complete user privacy and data security.  The company has a huge clientele today, making Biometric Signature ID a key player among security and identity solution providers. With millions of users worldwide, some of its featured clients come from the defense industry, higher education, healthcare, mortgage industry, and financial services.

Recently, the company has been awarded a major contract to supply User ID Authentication with BioTect-ID to a defense contractor. This contract confirms that BSI solutions can meet the most stringent requirements of the defense industry for highly secure gesture biometric authentication. The solutions revolutionary technology that relies on gestures, not static biometrics like a finger, or iris scans, makes applications and devices more secure than ever. BioTect-ID locks down access to Windows devices. As a result, unauthorized persons are unable to duplicate a unique biometric password and theft and fraud are avoided

Improved Security With Ease

Since opening its doors in 2007, BSI has been a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge identity security solutions to a global clientele. An additional honor for BSI was being chosen from 180 other companies/consortia by the U.S. White House to develop a pilot program to reduce online identity fraud. Recently, announced by our client Council for State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) who operate the Nationwide Licensing System (NMLS) used BSI’s technology to uncover a massive cheating ring where paid contract cheaters were used to complete pre-licensure and continuing education courses on behalf of over 600 Mortgage Loan Officers. 44 states and 42 state agencies were involved.

Today, as part of its growth plan, the company has 2 products on the shelf ready to go. On a mission to deliver the most innovative offerings to its customers, Biometric Signature ID with the help of its partners at LIV are invested in online identification within the AR, VR metaverse. These are the newest frontiers for selling products that require ID authentication when using credit cards in the payment system. “We are completing our Native mobile app, to provide even greater access to our clients.

“We avoid the toxicity and privacy issues experienced with other biometrics, offer a better user experience, and remove the need for software downloads and special hardware. We designed BioSig-ID to be the future of MFA and now have 60M uses and increasing every day” concludes Maynard

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