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Beyond Security

AviramJenik, CEO

“Our solutions help businesses and governments improve their network and application security”

Any IT department’s vulnerability management and assessment may rapidly become burdensome, significantly as an organization’s technological demands rise. These dangers can take a long time to discover and address, and they are constantly changing. BeSECURE provides the most accurate and rapid network security improvement possible, according to an organization’s specific needs. Beyond Security CEO AviramJenik says, “Our solutions help businesses and governments improve their network and application security. Our automated, accurate, and simple tools make SecOps and DevOps work easier and thus reduce network and application vulnerability to data loss. We started with the launch of the SecuriTeam web portal, one of today’s leading security websites, providing security alerts to thousands of registered users. SecuriTeam.com is an industry authority and a vital part of Beyond Security, giving us a powerful competitive advantage.”

Correcting a mistake later in the IT security operation phase is 30 times more expensive than identifying the errors earlier in the (deployed) analysis and development phases. Including SAST technology in the development process saves time and money while allowing hackers to discover application vulnerabilities before they get deployed. A flexible, accurate, and low-maintenance vulnerability management and assessment system while delivering significant security gains. Software development remains inextricably linked to security. The effect and value of static application security testing (SAST) are previously isolated from code quality evaluations. Other SAST alternatives treat security as a separate process, which can be time-consuming and cause delays in getting goods to market. “We’re proud to officially announce beSECURE XDR after a year focused on integrating partner technologies and adding new features to meet the demands of the mobile workforce and Industry 4.0.,” adds Jenik. “We’re grateful for our evolving partner ecosystem that has allowed us to extend our vulnerability detection capabilities to mobile devices and operational technology while also incorporating data from best-of-breed solutions for real-time visibility and response to new threats.”

BeSOURCE from Beyond Security addresses application code security and incorporates SecOps into DevOps. A business may include security solutions into the CI/CD process by combining DevOps with SecOps. As a result, the testing methodology simplifies by integrating the SecOps’ perspective on security from all sides. An organization may even combine BeSOURCE’s static application testing for front-end and back-end security with beSTORM’s dynamic application testing.

Before hackers can, a company’s cybersecurity team may use Beyond Security products to do complete, dynamic security testing on any software or hardware. Dynamic application security testing analyses millions, if not billions, of attack combinations to ensure the safety of goods before they’re published, saving you time and money in the long run. Beyond Security’s beSTORM is an automated fuzzer tool that searches all potential input combinations to find flaws in the product, no matter how minor they may be. Of course, for any non-trivial product, attempting to cover all potential input combinations to the program is impractical. As a result, beSTORM from Beyond Security includes prioritizing algorithms to ensure comprehensive coverage of all inputs that are likely to trigger a security flaw in a reasonable amount of time. Beyond Security’s algorithms are based on the company’s 14 years of research in documenting over 15,500 security vulnerabilities that are posted at SecuriTeam.com, one of the largest security databases on the Internet, as well as its experience and knowledge gained from performing manual product, audits in search of security holes.

Enterprises can obtain comprehensive visibility over their networks and all linked endpoints, including IoT, OT, and BYOD assets, with beSECURE’s agents. Users of agent-based scanning can monitor their network system from a single window and even run validated scans on endpoints that aren’t connected to the network. Beyond Security  hopes to research for better security and plans to expand their vulnerability management services. “We’re proud to take the best vulnerability scanner on the market even further. By extending the scanning capabilities of beSECURE to meet the needs of evolving technology and security needs”, says Jenik. “New technologies have introduced new threats while old threats have not gone away; and now we can find them all.”

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