Axinom: Protecting Premium Content with Technology

Ralph Wagner


“Our products support manufacturers, fleet owners, and integrators to build and manage infotainment, entertainment, connectivity, and digital cabin systems.”

As businesses around the globe are relying more on content for marketing to daily operations, content security has become an important aspect. Axinom provides software products for content-first platforms. Media, aerospace, and mobility companies around the world use Axinom products to solve the complex challenges of preparation, management, security, and delivery of content and software services.

In media, Axinom products enable encoding, content management, security via multi-DRM, and monetization. The video streaming and OTT platforms powered by Axinom serve millions of viewers worldwide while also safeguarding content and revenues. In aerospace and mobility, Axinom’s unique portfolio enables cloud capabilities in disconnected/­offline environments. “Our products support manufacturers, fleet owners, and integrators to build and manage infotainment, entertainment, connectivity, and digital cabin systems.”

Axinom DRM is a robust multi-DRM service that provides a single, easy-to-use unified API, which works with Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay, and Google Widevine DRMs, and is compatible with all platforms, devices and video players. Axinom DRM is Hollywood studio approved and supports the latest security requirements for premium UHD 4K, live content, and VOD to prevent piracy. Secure your revenue with a multi-DRM available for both online and offline environments. All Axinom DRM customers enjoy 99.999% SLA with 24/7 support. The solution supports hardware-backed DRM video protection of premium content with multi-key encryption of different content qualities and key rotation for both linear content and live streaming in all devices. Moreover, Axinom DRM auto-scales and has been performance tested to serve 100,000 DRM licenses per second to match peak demands while live streaming.

Axinom helps to protect the premium content and valuable assets from video piracy with a highly scalable and secure content protection solution that supports multiple DRM technologies such as Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay. From encoding and encryption of content to packaging into adaptive formats, the company’s services ensure that the client’s video content is not only protected with the latest digital rights management and streaming technologies but also is ready to be viewed on any platform and device.

With Axinom, businesses can manage, monetize, and distribute curated FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels to the masses with Axinom Mosaic, a one-stop modular solution for all the backend flexibility and modularity. It also helps to create FAST channels with or without advertising. Manage cue points and assets, repurpose and monetize video library into curated linear streams for different tastes and genres while facilitating to create and schedule FAST channels to match broadcast experiences. Set up pop-up channels to hype up major events and content or just test the waters. Editors can also spin up unlimited channels from live, linear, or on-demand content with maximum device and platform reach through cloud-native technology. “Empower your editors with a simple unified UX to create channels/playlists, assign programs, insert cue points, and transform your video libraries into ad-supported linear streams. It offers you a high degree of customizability and control to define your unique channel experiences, whether it be ad-supported or other modes of channel monetization. This is in addition to the end-to-end content protection, including encoding, encryption, watermarking, multi-DRM protection, and identification.

The company’s solution is innovative in helping manage editorial and digital media asset workflows within a unified interface on a truly modular content management solution. Axinom’s content management system offers automated workflows for handling bulk ingestion of media assets, metadata management, image management, business rules, and asset relations. The combined power of cloud-based SaaS offerings and open-source workflows make it a highly flexible video management solution, providing you the freedom to choose, customize, and integrate. It comes with a unified and easy-to-use management interface within which modular services can be controlled as well as collaborate seamlessly.

The solution is custom-designed with highly automated and customizable workflows for the unique needs and extensibility requirements of OTT, video streaming, and broadcasting platforms. This enables it to expand the scope of content management workflows through custom development, additional modules, and easy integration of third-party services using an API first approach.

Founded in 2001 in Fuerth, Germany, Axinom employs over 100 personnel with offices located in Europe, Asia, and North America. Today, the Axinom Partner Program provides each partner with the right tools. We enable our partners to build amazing content-oriented solutions in no time, regardless of the industry or application. “Many industry-leading organizations in media and transportation use Axinom solutions. Our technology-driven products allow them to serve their customers better.”

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