AU10TIX: Forensic Identity Intelligence

Carey O’Connor Kolaja


“The innovative technology of AU10TIX allows businesses to onboard consumers faster while avoiding fraud, satisfying regulatory demands, and, most importantly, encouraging trust and safety.”

Making clients wait only a few minutes for their identification to be verified might lead to onboarding abandonment. In seconds, AU10TIX confirms true identification, mixing lightning-fast onboarding with flawless, automated fraud and compliance checks. AU10TIX, an Israeli identity management startup, is on a mission to eradicate fraud and promote a more safe and inclusive society. Businesses and their customers may connect with confidence because of the company’s crucial, flexible solutions for verifying and linking physical and digital identities. AU10TIX has been the chosen partner of large worldwide businesses for customer onboarding and customer verification automation over the last decade, and it continues to push the boundaries of what’s next for identity’s position in society. The innovative technology of AU10TIX allows businesses to onboard consumers faster while avoiding fraud, satisfying regulatory demands, and, most importantly, encouraging trust and safety. ICTS International N.V. owns and operates AU10TIX.

It’s simple to eliminate fraud using AU10TIX before it destroys consumer confidence and compliance. From the first 8 seconds of identity verification, and throughout every re-verification moment, AU10TIX helps customers know and trust each other on all devices, apps, platforms and channels. AU10TIX’s modular technology helps global fraud, safety, compliance & operations teams keep identity intelligence tactics responsively aligned with overarching risk strategy and evolving business priorities. The more human identities a business verify and protect with AU10TIX, the better it performs. That’s why brands like PayPal, Google and Uber partner with AU10TIX. Only resilient, customizable and near-invisible identity verification moments customers barely remember, in any workflow, app or channel.

AU10TIX enables the customers to know and trust each other across all devices, applications, platforms, and channels, of identity verification and continuing through every re-verification moment. AU10TIX can improve image-based identity verification by utilizing global data sources to asynchronously check that an individual’s or company’s identification traits exist and give identity-related information with global coverage. OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, and DFAT are among the organizations on this list. AU10TIX updated its identity verification solution to enable several other useful data comparisons for businesses looking to confidently connect with customers and other businesses, such as checking for the integrity of identity attributes such as full name, address, national ID, or email address, in addition, to watch lists. It also allows institutions to conduct the appropriate verification steps when dealing with other firms as part of a supply chain, stakeholder, beneficiary, or other similar connection.

Uber Technologies, has collaborated with AU10TIX, worldwide identity verification, and authentication platform, to launch a service in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile that lets new riders authenticate their identity when they pay with cash. The initiative makes use of AU10TIX’s patented technologies to increase rider-driver trust. Certain users who seek cash payments will be required to scan official identification such as their voting credentials, national ID, passport, or driver’s license for verification under the new scheme. “As COVID-19 has shifted priorities for both Uber and AU10TIX, our partnership with Uber has also evolved,” says Carey O’Connor Kolaja, AU10TIX’s CEO. “Together, we worked on a platform that brings together payment preference and identity verification to prioritize safety for both riders and drivers. We expect this launch to set the stage for us to expand into other countries where Uber is experiencing elevated demand for cash payments.” The current alliance between Uber and AU10TIX reflects the future of adaptive identity verification. It illustrates how identity proofing may adapt to a customer’s preferred payment method. Accepting cash, for example, is crucial and will result in further layers of verification.

To improve the company’s group KYC (Know Your Customer) and customer onboarding process, Genesis Global has teamed with AU10TIX, recently, a leading global supplier of completely automated identity verification technology. The most meaningful mission the team takes is to obliterate fraud while furthering a more secure and inclusive world. AU10TIX’s platform is driven by cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capable of face recognition and real-time digital ID verification and authentication, allowing companies to remain ahead of regulatory requirements and combat the newest synthetic fraud vectors. AU10TIX also developed the identification intelligence technology used at airports and border crossings. Then, with the assistance of machine learning and other intelligent technology, they introduced new superpowers for the digital enterprise and are continuously striving for the future of identity. 

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