Attivo Networks: Comprehensive Detection and Defense

Attivo Networks:

Tushar Kothari

“At Attivo, we are changing the landscape for cybersecurity defense. Cyber attackers are creative, fast, and increasingly more malicious.”

On the network and in the cloud, organizations provide human and non-human identities (applications, virtual machines, serverless operations, and so on), which attackers target early in the attack cycle to advance their attacks. These identities may be used to impersonate authorized users, access resources, travel across the network and cloud, perform surveillance, escalate privileges, identify targets, and compromise data. With the transition to remote work, attack surfaces have exploded, putting identification at the forefront of security, significantly departing from previous perimeter-based solutions. Identity-based, least-privilege access programs and defenses capable of detecting attack escalation and lateral movement on-premises and in the cloud are now required to protect identities throughout the whole company. ThreatStrike, ThreatPath, ADSecure, ADAssessor, and IDEntitleX are Attivo Networks’ identity-first security products. These technologies give visibility into exposure, decrease the addressable attack surface, and prevent and detect assaults at Active Directory and cloud endpoints.

The AttivoThreatStrike solution is an agentless system that protects against credential theft by residing on the endpoint. Deception credentials entice attackers into engaging and disclosing themselves, while credentials are disguised and connected to apps. Organizations get the advantage of recognizing, assessing, and preventing an attacker by misdirecting the assault. The AttivoThreatPath technology finds hidden aspects in the network that allow for lateral movement, which can help attackers advance the assaults. Security teams will receive access to at-risk credentials and other sensitive data pieces throughout the enterprise, allowing them to identify them instantly. These threats and other policy infractions are rapidly exposed, providing security professionals with the information they need to proactively shut off access to essential assets or add deception to the defenses.

Preventing ransomware and disruption of service attacks remain a top priority for organizations of all sizes and while EPP and EDR stop most commodity infections, today’s human-controlled ransomware can evade traditional endpoint defenses. To defend against these advanced attacks, organizations are turning to the AttivoThreatDefend platform’s ransomware mitigation functions which can derail even the most sophisticated ransomware attacks. The platform uses cloaking technology to hide and deny access to local credentials and Active Directory objects, preventing an attacker from gaining access and the authority to change policies or do mass distribution of ransomware. Additionally, it can cloak local files, folders, removable devices, and mapped network or cloud shares, preventing the attacker from encrypting or modifying them.

With widespread access and a plethora of objects with varying permission and domain control levels, protecting Active Directory has become increasingly difficult. Monitoring and maintaining security in this environment has become a serious issue, with grave ramifications if control is lost to an attacker. ADSecure differs from other security solutions in that it provides early warning when an attacker performs a query and prevents them from correctly enumerating the network by delivering bogus information. “Identity security has become a top priority as businesses look to bolster their defenses against cyberattackers. We are honored that Cyber Defense Magazine has recognized the innovation and positive impact of the AttivoThreatDefend Platform,” says Tushar Kothari, CEO of Attivo Networks. “This recognition is also a testament to the hard work of our employees and leaders and the power of diversity.”

Attivo Networks offers advanced security against identity theft, privilege escalation, and lateral movement assaults. Across endpoints, Active Directory, and cloud environments, the company’s products provide unmatched visibility, prevention, and derailment for security exposures, attack vectors, and attack escalation actions. Kothari says, “At Attivo, we are changing the landscape for cybersecurity defense. Cyber attackers are creative, fast, and increasingly more malicious. In the age of the perimeter-less network, there are no longer rigid walls to keep the attackers out. Built on this premise, Attivo takes a different and innovative approach. Instead of focusing on preventing attackers from getting in, Attivo uses dynamic deception to detect the attackers that have made their way inside the network, identifies them, and empowers organizations to shut down the cyber-attack promptly.”

In a conventional business network, Active Directory user accounts are the primary identification and security emphasis. Organizations must offer identities and entitlements for users and “non-human” identities such as apps, virtual machines, containers, serverless processes, and other things when they migrate to the cloud. The attack surface, and hence the hazards to the company, are increased by these identities and entitlements. AttivoNetworks’ IDEntitleX technology effectively addresses these issues. Kothari concludes, “I am passionate about creating cultures of innovation. I believe that when a group of people is empowered to think without boundaries, they can change the world.”


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