Assent Compliance: Bridging Compliance with Automation

Andrew Waitman


“Assent enables deep insight and rapid transparency to help ensure products are made with environmental and human rights standards necessary to compete — and win — in markets of the future.”

Ongoing changes to the regulatory environment are powered by advanced technologies, ranging from social media to the IoT and decentralized trust systems. All this change makes governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) ever-more complex and expensive. Assent is a supply chain sustainability management solution dedicated to helping complex manufacturers bring responsible products worldwide. Assent offers the missing foundation for cross-enterprise sustainability shaped by regulatory experts and customers. Assent Compliance unveils the hidden to eliminate unanticipated situations so the world’s progressive manufacturing companies can prosper today and in the future.

Assent Compliance is dedicated to helping companies overcome the challenge of meeting their compliance and business requirements. The team help businesses automate supplier engagement and coherent data validation to create actionable analytics on information related to product compliance, corporate social responsibility, and vendor management and enhance the audit reporting and delivery process. The Assent Compliance Platform includes various products, including Corporate Social Responsibility, Product Compliance, and Vendor Management. The Corporate Social Responsibility Suite includes modules for human rights, anti-bribery, conflict minerals, anti-corruption, and many more. These modules are meant to automate the collection and management of all relevant data and streamline supply chain communications.

The Product Compliance Suite helps businesses meet their obligations under different compliance laws. The Product Compliance Suite automates data collection and management by providing detailed reporting capabilities. The Vendor Management Suite automates communications and improves vendor partnerships. The Assent Compliance Platform helps companies consolidate the large volume of data collected and leverage it to manage and mitigate vendor-related risk.

Another service offered by Assent is Compliance Planning & Corporate Policy. The Assent Compliance team works at the corporate level to consult the policy and planning to make sure that their customers easily navigate compliance challenges. The Assent team works together to automate processes, find perfection and keep compliance as low-cost as possible while maintaining a leading and strong program.

Recently Assent announced that it had raised a $350 million funding led by Vista Equity Partners (Vista), an investment firm focused exclusively on enterprise software, data, and technology-enabled businesses. This is one of the most significant investments in Canadian software company history and establishes a unicorn status for Assent, valued at more than $1 billion. The funding will enable Assent to progress its distinct industry-leading SaaS platform enhance its global footprint by expanding its team and taking its expansion plan in Europe.

“The increasing complexity and scale of regulations and varying requirements globally, combined with a heightened focus on ESG, presents challenges for companies across industries, particularly for manufacturers,” says Andrew Waitman, Assent CEO. “Assent enables deep insight and rapid transparency to help ensure products are made with environmental and human rights standards necessary to compete — and win — in markets of the future,” he added.

Assent is headquartered in Ottawa and is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies and supply chain sustainability management leaders. They invest continuously to ensure their supply chain data management solution evolves with their clients’ needs. The team pushes its data quality and efficiency limits so their clients can do much more, faster, with instant access to their supply chain data. With a mission to leverage technology and education to collect and manage data and promote transparency between businesses, Assent assists its customers in pursuing supply chain transparency to help them achieve their business goals.

By continuously striving for excellence in everything they do, the team develops innovative, technology-focused solutions, delivers world-class customer service, and grows professionally to sustain their success. Through internal and external collaboration, they create solutions that benefit the industry, provide rich information, and positively impact the compliance space as a whole. Today, Assent is on a mission to leverage technology and education to collect and manage data, and promote transparency between businesses by standardizing, automating and centralizing shared information on products and business practices. To achieve this, the company is committed to work with its clientele in the pursuit of supply chain transparency, providing world-class services, supplier support and market-leading technology to help achieve business goals and meet obligations.

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