Arkose Labs: From Preventing Fraud to Defending Against Fraud

Kevin Gosschalk

Founder & CEO

"We have very exciting additions to our technology platform that are forthcoming and are going to be game-changing in the race to keep consumer accounts safe online."

Enterprises require more than a one-size-fits-all fraud defense plan in a world where digital identities have been compromised on a large scale. Arkose Labs offers a dynamic attack response that adapts to changing fraud strategies that jeopardize account security and trust. By diminishing the economic motives behind attacks, Arkose Labs provides long-term fraud protection and account security. The AI-powered platform eliminates persistent bot attacks and coordinated human-driven attacks on the most targeted user action points by combining real-time risk classification with dynamic attack response. Invisible risk evaluations let excellent users slip through undetected, while high-risk traffic is flagged for attack response, sabotaging ROI and discouraging future efforts. Arkose Labs finds genuine user intent by examining traffic for fraud-related behavioral indicators and testing suspicious activities with dynamic attack response.

In a nutshell, Arkose deeply analyses traffic against telltale signs of malicious intent to distinguish automated and human attackers from good users. The company’s cutting-edge AI-powered solution classifies risk to remediate attacks based on true intent with full visibility into all traffic. Thanks to the company’s solutions that work beyond one-size-fits-all screening with invisible protection for the majority of good users and flexibility to calibrate pressure to offer optimal user experience.

Spam attacks are used by fraudsters to phish important personal information, post fraudulent reviews, and even influence social media discussions. Arkose Labs uses continuous intelligence to intercept and quickly repair automated spam attacks, assisting businesses in combating spam and abuse. Arkose Labs can tell the difference between human and artificial traffic, which allows it to stop automated spam attacks before they get out of hand. Arkose Labs makes the attack increasingly costlier for fraudsters via a combination of dynamic risk choices and targeted friction, preventing them from ramping up their operations. The Arkose Labs product is so good at detecting automated attacks that it comes with a service level agreement. This ensures that bot attacks are defeated within a predetermined timescale, safeguarding the users from phishing scams, harmful communications, and other sorts of abuse. Arkose Labs analyses traffic and applies targeted friction to activities that exhibit signs of spam or abuse.

Arkose Labs offers long-term account takeover protection. Arkose Labs makes it more expensive for fraudsters to orchestrate large-scale attacks by combining its global risk engine with adaptive step-up difficulties. Arkose Labs uses continuous intelligence to profile every behavior and displays targeted friction to suspicious users, ensuring that fraudulent conduct is reliably caught. Genuine users will find authentication tasks simple to accomplish, allowing them to prove their validity. On the other hand, these difficulties hinder fraudsters from orchestrating large-scale account takeover assaults since they drastically increase the time and resources required to pass authentication procedures on a large scale.

Fintech (financial technology) Neobank is a consumer banking, personal financial management, credit monitoring, and other financial services provider that is one of the world’s most well-known fintech companies. Fraudsters targeted the expanding number of user accounts as the platform grew in popularity. At its peak, the company saw roughly 30,000 failed login attempts each day, with the vast majority of these being credential-stuffing attacks aimed at compromising user accounts. The platform’s technical infrastructure was also put under a lot of stress as a result of the enormous number of queries. After implementing Arkose Labs, the fintech saw a 75% reduction in failed login attempts associated with credential stuffing attacks. As there were fewer compromised accounts, the organization gained efficiency; it was losing around $100,000 per week in costs related to compromised accounts. Following the implementation of Arkose Labs, this figure was dramatically lowered.

With an array of fraud management solutions for various industries, Arkose Labs hopes to achieve better safety online for all its customers. Kevin Gosschalk, CEO and Founder of Arkose Labs, says that “I founded Arkose Labs to solve a very specific problem – consumer account-based fraud. And today, six years later, our technology is being used by the largest companies in the world to protect their consumers from attackers taking over their online accounts and more”. Gosschalk concludes, “We have very exciting additions to our technology platform that are forthcoming and are going to be game-changing in the race to keep consumer accounts safe online.”

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