Arkose Labs: Driving a New Era of Fraud Prevention

Kevin Gosschalk

Founder & CEO

"Today, most businesses are stuck in a cat and mouse game with fraudsters who are continuously inventing ways to circumvent cyber defenses in order to gain access to valuable account data," said Arkose Labs Founder and CEO Kevin Gosschalk.

Fraud prevention technology has made enormous strides from advances in computing speeds (high-performance analytics), machine learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI). Fraud touches every area of our lives; it raises the price we pay for goods and services, squanders tax money, pulls resources from innovation, and even costs human lives. The growing complexities of state-sponsored terrorism, professional criminals, and basement terrible guys are becoming harder to understand, follow, expose, and prevent. Fraud detection in today’s world involves a comprehensive approach to matching data points with activities to find what is abnormal. Fraudsters have developed sophisticated tactics, so staying on top of these changing approaches to gaming the system is essential.

Arkose Labs is an information technology company that focuses on financial services and provides fraud prevention, anti-spam, and abuse analysis for businesses, companies, and industries. Its technology is designed for retail, gaming, and fintech. Arkose Labs bankrupts the business model of fraud. Recognized by Gartner as a 2020 Cool Vendor, its innovative approach determines true user intent and remediates attacks in real time. Risk assessments combined with interactive authentication challenges undermine the ROI behind attacks, providing long-term protection while improving customer throughput. Its AI-powered platform combines powerful risk assessments with a dynamic attack response that undermines the ROI behind attacks while improving user throughput. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, Tokyo, Japan, San Jose, Costa Rica, and London.

Arkose Labs' revolutionary method of combating fraud was inspired by combining Kevin Gosschalk's expertise in interactive machine vision technology with experience in video game production. The entrepreneur realized the possibility of using dynamic, user-friendly puzzles in the authentication process and created a complete platform that integrated smart risk-based profiling with tailored challenges. Arkose Labs analyzes traffic against telltale signs of malicious intent to distinguish automated and human attackers from good users. Our AI-powered solution classifies risk to remediate attacks based on true intent with full visibility into all traffic. Suspicious traffic is triaged for dynamic attack response, which effectively sabotages bots and wastes the time and resources of fraudsters. Company does not block any users outright, which significantly reduces the effect of false positives. Arkose Labs provides robust account security early in the customer journey while increasing conversions over other expensive step-up authentication solutions. Beyond one-size-fits-all screening, the company provides unobtrusive protection for the majority of excellent users as well as the ability to tune pressure to your best user experience.

Dynamic attack response provides secondary screening to validate suspicious traffic with unclear trust or mistrust signals. A continuous feedback loop of intent data trains the decision engine in real time to shrink the gray area without manual review or tuning. The potent mix of intent validation and interactive challenges that disrupt popular attack strategies stops fraudsters in their tracks. New clients observe a reduction in assault rates within two days and are completely implemented within three weeks. Despite enormous efforts in fraud and bot detection, attackers are more effective than ever at evading detection and causing financial losses to enterprises. Powerful detection that begins at the beginning of the customer experience allows you to detect assaults faster, decrease false positives and negatives, and decide the most effective reaction to thwart attackers' efforts. The decision engine developed by Arkose Labs is one-of-a-kind in that it combines the transparency of rules with the accuracy of machine learning models. A dynamic risk score minimizes decision complexity, allowing fraud teams to respond to high-risk traffic more quickly and confidently. AI-powered platforms combine defense-in-depth detection with dynamic attack response to navigate unclear trust signals without disrupting the good user experience. Fraud & security teams gain the advanced detection power, risk insights, and option for user-friendly enforcement they need to go from fraud mitigation to fraud deterrence. Multi-layered detection aggregates real-time device, network, and behavioral signals on a customer workflow to spot hidden signs of bot and human-driven attacks, such as device and location spoofing.

The Arkose Labs leadership team is made up of seasoned fraud and security specialists that have decades of demonstrated experience in a variety of sectors. Arkose Labs' founder and CEO, Kevin Gosschalk, leads a broad group of people all working to make the internet a safer place for everyone. Since the beginning of the company in 2016, he has been important in developing a portfolio of fraud and abuse prevention technologies that provide long-term repair from assaults by deconstructing the fundamental economics of online crime. "Today, most businesses are stuck in a cat and mouse game with fraudsters who are continuously inventing ways to circumvent cyber defenses in order to gain access to valuable account data," said Arkose Labs Founder and CEO Kevin Gosschalk. Arkose Labs is located in San Mateo, California, United States, and has raised more than $106.5 million.

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