Anitian: Delivering Automated Cloud Security and Compliance

Rakesh Narasimhan

President & CEO

“We help our customers get into new verticals and markets by dramatically accelerating their time to cloud and market, while reducing the complexity of making their own applications secure and compliant”

The world is increasingly more connected and cloud-based. As a result of today’s digital transformation, the complexity of cloud security and compliance have become major challenges for enterprises and organizations. Cloud software vendors, SaaS vendors, and enterprises of all sizes are harnessing the power of the cloud to enter new markets, empower their hybrid workforces, and capture new revenue opportunities. These organizations not only need to get their applications to the cloud, and to market, faster than ever before, but they need to do it in a way that assures they are both secure and compliant. This creates a host of challenges for enterprises and their DevOps, security, and compliance teams. From a bird’s eye view, there seem to be three specific problems these teams are facing. The first problem is around the complexity associated with cloud environments, technologies, and tools, as well as the increased costs and risks that can occur as a result of human errors. The second problem is solving security and compliance requirements in the cloud. And the third problem is around aligning technologies and tools with the customer’s business requirements. This is where Anitian is creating a difference with a sole mission to deliver solutions that automate security and compliance in the cloud.

In a nutshell, Anitian automates cloud application security and compliance to accelerate the business growth of its clientele. By harnessing the power and the scale of a pre-engineered cloud infrastructure environment and platform, Anitian enables organizations to accelerate their move to the cloud, enter new markets, and unlock revenue in just weeks. “We help our customers get into new verticals and markets by dramatically accelerating their time to cloud and market, while reducing the complexity of making their own applications secure and compliant with standards like PCI, SOC 2, and FedRAMP, which is required for anyone who wants to do business with the government. Thereby we completely eliminate the complex, time-consuming, and costly compliance mess with our pre-engineered and pre-configured solution,” explains Rakesh Narasimhan, President and CEO of Anitian.     

The company’s SecureCloud for Enterprise Cloud Security and SecureCloud for Compliance Automation offerings are automated and pre-engineered and can easily be integrated into any cloud application. And by leveraging Anitian’s round-the-clock Security and Operations (SecOps) team of highly skilled security analysts and engineers, organizations can reduce risk, maintain compliance, and improve the overall agility of their business. This way, Anitian helps its clients stay secure and ahead of threats, while maintaining compliance in their own AWS or Azure environment. With its integrated solution, Anitian’s platform has been able to get their customers secure and compliance-ready within a record 60 days. And they continue to do that consistently.

Eliminating Manual Compliance

In addition to Anitian’s 24×7 SecOps and Continuous Monitorinservice, their SecureCloud platforms deliver continuous security and compliance through automated insights and evidence collection, as well as unified cloud security posture management for application environments. Anitian’ Drift Defend technology integrates with environments to automate evidence collection and prevent drift – while providing automated security and compliance insights including gaps, misconfigurations, threats, risk severity, and compliance state with single pane-of-glass visibility.

When it comes to cloud security and compliance, Anitian’s customers have traditionally tried to do it themselves or hire an expensive consulting firm. “It’s a pretty time-consuming and complex process. Moreover, at the end of that project the consultants leave but the next time something needs to get done you’re back to spending time and resources to try and stay in compliance. We figured this out and created an automated, standardized platform to simplify the processes,” adds Narasimhan. Anitian engineered a complete zero trust cloud application environment made up of 15+ cloud-native tools, and powered by its infrastructure-as-code, security-as-code, and policy-as-code. The platform and environment deploy in one day, already pre-configured to complex compliance mandates like FedRAMP, NIST 800-53, PCI, SOC 2, and ISO 27001. As a result, the Anitian team takes care of the cloud security and compliance infrastructure and works with a customer to seamless achieve compliance and audit-readiness. “When I say pre-engineered, what I mean is, we have native software that can work with a variety of cloud applications and operations– from endpoint protection, SIEM, and encryption to licensing and deployment. Moreover, we’ve created a partner ecosystem in each of these for seamless operation for our customers,” explains Narasimhan. 

A Proven and Pre-Built Platform

For customers who are struggling to speed up the FedRAMP audit readiness and timeline at enterprise scale, Anitian has it sorted. In general, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a complex and resource-consuming process. Anitian’s SecureCloud for Compliance Automation is the only proven and pre-built platform designed to dramatically accelerate FedRAMP audit readiness and compliance. “Because of the way we’ve architected our platform, it’s fully dynamic to help customers achieve seamless compliance within a matter of days,” extols Narasimhan. “That’s the value proposition. It’s speed. Within a quarter we can help take their software and make it available in a new vertical so their salespeople can go sell it and begin to earn revenue.”

According to the company, the infrastructure should behave in a way that’s flexible and easy for customers. As the team has done a fair amount of these implementations over time, Anitian’s experts are smarter in making their pre-built infrastructure and platform flexible to allow any application to be integrated with it. Moreover, as the requirements of the clients change, Anitian ensures to build the infrastructure to scale along with it. “We’ve been working with some of the tech giants for quite some time. Being in the AWS and Azure clouds has been helpful as we can sign up or remove instances quickly and dynamically,” adds Narasimhan.

In every way, Anitian is committed to and motivated by its customers’ expectations for performance, reliability, technical expertise, and quality. The team is proud to maintain its comprehensive spectrum of certifications from leading organizations. An instance that highlights Anitian’s value proposition is when the team assisted SentinelOne with its compliance requirements. SentinelOne’s cloud-based technology was complex and cutting edge, featuring distributed AI and enterprise-scale data analytics. SentinelOne was anxious to achieve FedRAMP moderate certification and have its solutions hosted in Amazon AWS GovCloud regions so it could grow its footprint in the U.S. federal government and defense marketplace. Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation dramatically shortened SentinelOne’s journey to achieve FedRAMP certification and began generating revenue from U.S. federal government and defense agencies. With Anitian, SentinelOne’s application was audit ready for FedRAMP moderate certification just 10 weeks after beginning the project and obtained their Authority to Operate (ATO) in only 8 months.

A Mission to Transform Compliance

Today, Anitian is driven by a team of highly skilled and experienced leaders. Its executive team brings together years of experience in cloud security and compliance with many members having built products and companies from the ground up. Together, they are committed to building a product that people love and a culture where people and teams can do great work. Recently, the company raised a $55 Million Series B with a mission to further transform cloud security and compliance. The company also has a clear expansion plan into the enterprise cloud security space while making its compliance offerings broader, even more automated, and simpler.

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